"​For All Your  "Art Glass Needs"​

Holliston United Methodist, from outside.

St. Marys in Whittier, Ca.

We did all the windows Front,

 top and bottom. All Dual Glazed.

Relead of the Original Stained glass.

Installation with Cranes for 18' tall window.

Abundant Life, These are 5' x 18'

and were in need of a full relead.

Each full window is 6 seperate

Stained Glass windows.

​​This is what Stained Glass

looks like when in need of repair, and Bowing windows like this, need full Relead,

Call for Estimate.

These windows made New, or Restorations of Originals, to last a Long Time again.

Holliston United Methodist church

Releads of these, all with some

Painted Saints in Pasadena, from inside. 

Temple Beth Hillel Synagogue wall

of Blown Antique glass for Leaded Repair/Restore.